Professor Andrew Briggs is the inaugural holder of the Chair of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. His research interests focus on materials and techniques for quantum technologies and their incorporation into practical devices. Current hot topics include vibrational states of nanotubes and charge transport through single molecules in graphene nanogaps. He has more than 600 publications, with over 24,000 citations.

Recent Highlights

Machine Learning helps open up new possibilities for quantum devices.

University of Oxford, in collaboration with University of Basel and Lancaster University, have developed an algorithm that can be used to measure quantum dots automatically. Read further.

The Open Access paper can be found here: Efficiently measuring a quantum device using machine learning.


Using single-electron tunnelling to generate nanomechanical oscillations

This paper has been featured as a research highlight in Nature Reviews Materials : Pumping up and Cooling down [PDF]

The original paper can be found here : A coherent nanomechanical oscillator driven by single-electron tunnelling

This technique will provide a crucial experimental capability for a new programme of research on non-equilibrium nanoscale thermodynamics, in both classical and quantum regimes.

Recently Published


  • Understanding resonant charge transport through weakly coupled single-molecule junctions. J.O. Thomas, B. Limburg, J.K. Sowa, K. Willick, J. Baugh, E.M. Gauger, G.A.D. Briggs, H.L. Anderson and J.A. Mol. Nature Communications (2019). [PDF]
  • Efficiently measuring a quantum device using machine learning.  T. Lennon, H. Moon, L.C. Camenzind, L. Yu, D.M. Zumbühl, G.A.D. Briggs, M.A. Osborne, E.A. Laird and N. Ares. npj Quantum Information 5, 79 (2019). [PDF]
  • Charge-state assignment of nanoscale single-electron transistors from their current-voltage characteristics. Limburg, J.O. Thomas, J.K. Sowa, K. Willick, J. Baugh, E.M. Gauger, G.A.D. Briggs, H.L. Anderson and J.A. Mol. Nanoscale 11, 14820-14827 (2019). [PDF]
  • Metal atom markers for imaging epitaxial molecular self-assembly on graphene by scanning transmission electron microscopy. J.K. Lee, I. Bulut, M. Rickhaus, Y. Sheng, X. Li, G.G.D. Han, G.A.D. Briggs, H.L. Anderson and J.H. Warner. ACS Nano 13, 7252-7260 (2019). [PDF]
  • A coherent nanomechanical oscillator driven by single-electron tunnelling. Yutian Wen, N.Ares, F. J. Schupp, T. Pei, G. A. D. Briggs & E. A. Laird. Nature Physics, 2019. [PDF]
  • Atomic scale imaging of reversible ring cyclization in graphene nanoconstrictions. J.K. Lee, G.-D. Lee, S. Lee, E. Yoon, H.L. Anderson, G.A.D. Briggs and J.H. Warner.  ACS Nano, 2019. [PDF]
  • Quantum Interference in Silicon 1D Junctionless Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors. F. J. Schupp, M.M. Mirza, D.A. MacLaren, G.A.D. Briggs, D.J. Paul, and J.A. Mol. Phys.Rev.B, 2019. [PDF]
  • Ethical considerations in the era of gene synthesis. G.A.D Briggs, T Brears.  MedNous 8-10 January 2019[PDF] §

The Penultimate Curiosity Update

The Penultimate Curiosity documentary film is now available on line for streaming.

All six books in The Curious Science Quest series have now been published by Lion Hudson:  Cave DiscoveryGreek Adventure, Rocky Road to Galileo, Hunt with Newton, Victorian Voyages and Modern Flights.  Further information on this series.

Werner Herzog discusses The Penultimate Curiosity with Andrew Briggs and Roger Wagner at Chapman. Please click to watch.

Recent Media Coverage

BBC broadcast Something Understood hosted by Mark Tully  aired on Sunday 17 February at 06:05 a.m. and 11:30 p.m.

Listen here via BBC Sounds until 19 March 2019

New Release

It Keeps Me Seeking: The Invitation from Science, Philosophy, and Religion

Andrew Briggs, University of Oxford; Hans Halvorson, Princeton University; Andrew Steane, University of Oxford
It Keeps Me Seeking is a fresh look at how science contributes to the bigger picture of human flourishing, through a collage of science and philosophy, richly illustrated by the authors’ own experiences and personal reflections. They survey the territory of fundamental physics, machine learning, philosophy of human identity, evolutionary biology, miracles, arguments from design, naturalism, the history of ideas, and more.
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  • Review of It Keeps Me Seeking in the Paradigm Explorer [PDF]
  • Review of It Keeps Me Seeking in Science & Christian Belief [PDF]