Professor Andrew Briggs is the inaugural holder of the Chair of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. His research interests focus on materials and techniques for quantum technologies and their incorporation into practical devices. Current hot topics include vibrational states of nanotubes and charge transport through single molecules in graphene nanogaps, and machine learning for measuring and tuning quantum devices. He has more than 600 publications, with over 26,000 citations.

Recently Published


  • Experimental evidence of disorder enhanced electron-phonon scattering in graphene devices. C Evangeli, E McCann, J L Swett, S Tewari, X Bian, J O Thomas, G A D briggs, O V Kolosov, J A Mol. Carbon, (2021). [PDF]
  • Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with Carbon-Nanotube-Based Superconducting Quantum Circuits. M Mergenthaler, A Nersisyan, A Patterson, M Esposito, A Baumgartner, C Schönenberger, G A D Briggs, E A Laird, P J Leek. Phys Rev Appl, (2021). [PDF]
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Measurement of Quantum Devices. V Nguyen, SB Orbell, DT Lennon, H Moon, F Vigneau, LC Camenzind, L Yu, DM Zumbühl, GAD Briggs, MA Osborne, D Sejdinovic, N Ares. npj Quant Info, (2021). [PDF]
  • Measuring the thermodynamic cost of timekeeping. A N Pearson, Y Guryanova, P Erker, E A Laird, G A D Briggs, M Huber, N Ares. Phys Rev X, (2021). [PDF]
  • Charge transport through extended molecular wires with strongly correlated electrons. J O Thomas, J K Sowa, B Limburg, X Bian, C Evangeli, J L Swett, S Tewari, J Baugh, G C Schatz, G A D Briggs, H L Anderson, J A Mol. Chem Sci, (2021). [PDF]
  • Eight Oxford Questions: Quantum Mechanics Under a New Light. N Ares, AN Pearson, GAD Briggs. Springer, (2021) [PDF]

Film of Andrew’s flying adventures around the Mediterranean

View the two-part documentary film of The Penultimate Curiosity which Roger Wagner and Andrew Briggs made. The film includes sequences flying to locations in Europe and beyond, as well as in Galloway, Cambridge, and Oxford.