Professor Andrew Briggs is the inaugural holder of the Chair of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. His research interests focus on materials and techniques for quantum technologies and their incorporation into practical devices. Current hot topics include vibrational states of nanotubes and charge transport through single molecules in graphene nanogaps. He has nearly 600 publications, with over 16,000 citations. In February 2016 Oxford University Press published his book with Roger Wagner entitled The Penultimate Curiosity: How science swims in the slipstream of ultimate questions.

The Penultimate Curiosity Update

The Penultimate Curiosity documentary film is now available on line for streaming.

Blog Post

Read here my recent blog post for Graphcore on Why artificial intelligence will allow us to make scientific discoveries.

Recent Published & Recently Accepted Papers


  • Our paper The spin resonance clock transition of the endohedral fullerene 15N@C60 has been published in Physical Review Letters [PDF]
  • Our paper Field-effect control of graphene−fullerene thermoelectric nanodevices has been published in Nano Letters  [PDF]
  • Our paper Conditioned spin and charge dynamics of a single electron quantum dot has been published in Physical Review A [PDF]
  • Our paper Environment-Assisted Quantum Transport through Single-Molecule Junctions has been published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics  [PDF]
  • Our paper CF2-bridged C60 dimers and their optical transitions has been published in ChemPhysChem [PDF]

Current Vacancies

Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Experimental Quantum Transport and Nanomechanics

We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Assistant, to carry out fabrication and investigation of devices with electronic and mechanical degrees of freedom. This post will be under the supervision of Dr Natalia Ares and Professor Andrew Briggs.

For further details please click here.

Closing Date: June 15 2018