Professor Andrew Briggs is the inaugural holder of the Chair of Nanomaterials at the University of Oxford. His research interests focus on materials and techniques for quantum technologies and their incorporation into practical devices. Current hot topics include vibrational states of nanotubes and charge transport through single molecules in graphene nanogaps. He has nearly 600 publications, with over 16,000 citations. In February 2016 Oxford University Press published his book with Roger Wagner entitled The Penultimate Curiosity: How science swims in the slipstream of ultimate questions.

Recent Papers

  • Our paper Vibrational effects in charge transport through a molecular double quantum dot has been published in Physical Review B  [PDF]
  • Our paper Scaling limits of graphene nanoelectrodes has been published in Nano Letters (PDF)
  • Our paper Distinguishing lead and molecule states in graphene-based single-electron transistors has been published in ACS Nano (PDF) 
  • Our paper Hyperfine and spin-orbit coupling effects on decay of spin-valley states in a carbon nanotube has been published in Physical Review Letters (PDF)


  • Review of The Penultimate Curiosity in Oxford Today (Oxford University alumni magazine) (PDF)
  • Review of The Penultimate Curiosity in the Ethical Record [PDF]